CYP introduceerde tijdens de ISE 2018 een aantal interessante nieuwe producten. Waaronder de XA-3P Portable HDMI Pattern Generator en de OR-88U-4K22 HDMI Matrix & Switching Solution.

XA-3P Portable HDMI Pattern Generator

Testing the integrity of an HDMI cable is essential for any professional AV Installer. As commercial and residential systems are upgraded the demands on HDMI cables to deliver the best possible image are becoming greater and can often be overlooked, particularly when delivering HDR content.

The XA-3P is the perfect installation partner for an AV installer, providing a convenient way to test and verify all aspects of an HDMI Signal Path, including the source and the sink. As well as being HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 1.4 & 2.2 compliant, the unit has a number of testing features including… System Analyzing, Cable Testing, Pattern Generator & EDID Management. The XA-3P also has scaling functionality enabling the user to down-scale a 4K UHD Source to 1080p in Analyzer Mode.

A key feature of the XA-3P is the Cable Testing mode. In this mode the user can test the integrity of a HDMI cable, this is especially useful when trying to determine if a cable is capable of passing data rates of up to 18Gbps. The test results can be displayed on the LCD display or a connected display.

The front panel controls are very simple to navigate and the HDMI I/O is easily accessed on the top of the device. The XA-3P is battery operated giving the AV Installer ultimate flexibility in challenging installation scenarios. The battery can be recharged via it’s USB connector or mains powered through the same port.


OR-88U-4K22 HDMI Matrix & Switching Solution

Offering full 6G HDMI 2.0 4×4 I/0, this matrix provides installers with the highest possible HDMI specification including all 4K UHD resolutions¬†plus ‘deep colour’ and HDR support.

Controlled by IR, RS.232, IP, Web GUI or from the front panel selector switch, the OR-44U-4K22 is an incredibly versatile solution.